Litigation report on Case Law “Kettlety v The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Trust [2009] LTLPI 27.1.10 “Claimant aged 50 years, who had previously undergone aortic and mitral valve replacement, was admitted to Defendant Trust on 16.04.05 with acute coronary syndrome. In course of treatment an IV cannula was inserted into Claimant’s right elbow. He was discharged on 19.04.05 with oral antibiotics for cannula site phlebitis. Claimant was readmitted to the Defendant Trust nine days later with suspected infective endocarditis. Treatment with IV antibiotics failed to prevent damage to mitral valve requiring repeat double valve replacement surgery on 08.06.05 due to cardiac failure. Claimant suffered severe heart failure affecting function and longevity. Trust admitted breach of duty in failing to manage the Claimant’s phlebitis appropriately between 16.04.05 and 19.04.05 and administer intravenous antibiotics earlier which caused or materially contributed to the Claimant’s endocarditis and the need for surgery on 08.06.05.”

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